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I’ve been living in a house by the sea for 10 years already. Also, I’ve been regularly traveling to the ocean for the past 5 years. Surfing is my favorite sport. Back in my childhood, I decided to connect my life with water and have never stepped back from my decision until today.

Every time I was watching an underwater world and views of perfectly shaped waves shining in the sun, I always wanted to capture those beautiful views in photos. So as many people as it is possible would be able to “touch the beauty of nature” through my work.

Back in 2014, before the first trip to the ocean, I bought a water housing for the mirror camera, therefore had taken the first underwater pictures. Those were photos of waves and surfers. From that time I always had eager to master my skills and have changed my photo technique and water housing a few times already. I have learned free diving just to develop the work of my life.

Nowadays, I take photos of free diving sessions and underwater fauna as well as surfing. If I make a plan for the next trip it will be a trip to the ocean as all my art, work and life are strongly connected with “him”.

Untitled photo
Freediver glides without fins underwater in blue sea
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